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I chose to Analyze the Royal Conservatory of Music. This is an organization that I have dealt with to a great extent as it provides accreditation for music. I have often been frustrated with the organizations website and policies, although they have a good product, and so I expected to see a lot of activity relating to the company on the web.

I chose to attempt to measure consumer sentiment about the organization from the web, and used the free tracking software from Boardreader to gather information. I also used Google Alerts to check the degree that RCM was associated with the search topic piano exams. I was surprised to see that RCM was only mentioned in once in ten conversations related to piano exams. (see list B collected from Google Alerts)

In order to measure the sentiment of posts on the web relating to the RCM, I have analyzed the ten most recent posts on the subject from Boardreader. I have then given determined if each post is positive, negative, or neutral. To my surprise, the information on the web is overwhelmingly positive. Of seven comments, three were overwhelmingly positive, three were not overtly positive but would probably be considered positive, and only one was negative. I note that the negative comment was made by a 14 year old girl and in context may be considered as positive by parents or the RCM.

The free tracking software from Boardreader is good because it is easy to use and provided relevant and recent posts from a number of web sources. I also attempted to use, which provided more information than Boardreader, but the information was more broad and not as focused on the results I wanted. Google Alerts was very quick and easy to use also, and is a service I would continue to use to monitor content on the web.

List A:

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[–]completelytrustworth 8 points 26 days ago*
I’m certified to teach piano and finished my arct from the royal conservatory of music (canada)..
the hell is the chopsticks and fork rule?

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I ban the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music). I can’t take a music minor without having RCM Grade II Rudiments and Grade III Harmony or spending about $1.5k on courses that will catch me up to everyone else who took RCM… OTL (I’m still going to take music anyways though)

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January 13 edited January 14 in Music Major
My daughter has been doing the RCM (The Music Development Program | The Music Development Program) examinations for the past few years and set to take the Grade 8 exams.
The syllabus content and rigour of the exams seem great but I was wondering if anybody on this board has heard about these exams, how these are looked upon by college admissions committees. She wants one to take Music as one of her majors in college.
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‭RE: Prescreening Results
2 months ago – by ‪MuzikaMom‬ – 217 posts
Dd just heard from her last school! She also passed piano prescreen and is invited to live auditions at Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto! Five out of five! Yay! Thanks be to God! 😉…

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December 2013 in College Admissions
Alright I don’t think there’s enough clarity over what you can do with these spaces on the common app..
I’ve been told that the honors space is supposed to be academic but can awards pertaining to the arts also go here?
For instance, I’m from Canada and I’ve gotten a Grade 9 Piano Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music so is that something I could put under ‘honors’? I know it isn’t related to academics but its one of the best things I have on my application….
Also for activities, there’s not a lot of space to put for awards and descriptions.
What is more important?
To describe the activity or to list awards?
A general guide over what to do here would be really helpful and appreciated!

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‭RE: New artist looking for some friends 🙂
2 months, 4 weeks ago – by ‪Anonymous‬ – 53 posts
Currently I’m playing a lot of Royal Conservatory music right now (a music program in Canada if you didn’t know ) but I occasionally play some more fun songs from Disney and that sort of stuff (:
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well because my visual impairment, that’s just not physically possible for me and i’ve tried talking to her about it but she just doesn’t seem to think i can keep up, just because she let some other guy try it once and it didn’t work out for him

i’ve basically done the whole royal conservatory program by ear as well as participated in other choirs, without any problems

of course, i don’t want to make anyone angry or push this too far, but do you think i should still try and convince her to let me at least do the audition? or should i just let it go?

i know she wants her choir to sound good and be professional and i’m definitely not going to ruin it for her but i just wish more people would be open to different methods of doing things. i relaly don’t need to be able to read music in order to learn it

List B:

Web 10 new results for piano exam

ABRSM: Piano exams
Piano exams consist of three pieces, chosen by the candidate from the appropriate lists in the current syllabus, scales and arpeggios, sight-reading …

ABRSM is the world’s leading provider of music exams and assessments. … Spectrum for Piano Duet 25 Oct 12; New ABRSM website 25 Oct 12 …
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ABRSM – Grade 1 Piano exam (complete) – YouTube
Please note that current aural rubrics were not finalised at the time of recording. The sheet music for the sight-reading test is available to view at http:/…

How to Do Well on a Piano Exam: 8 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow
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RCM Examinations | The finest instrument is the mind.®
Examination Services … Upcoming Examinations … Theory Examinations: Not Available. Practical Examinations: … View all examination dates … Digital Learning · Rupert Edwards Library · Piano Technology · Online Bookstore …

Piano – Trinity College London | Home
This syllabus contains full details of grade exams in Piano and Piano Accompanying, and Certificate exams in Piano Solo, Piano Duet and Piano Six …

Music examination – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although there are music examinations available to school and university students … Many students who enter these exams have taken a course of music … particular instrument favored by the pupil, for example piano, guitar or flute.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ABRSM is one of four examination boards accredited by Ofqual to … excluding the piano itself), some or all of the pieces are played with piano ……/Associated_Board_of_the_Royal_Schools…

Piano Examination Pieces 2013 & 2014, ABRSM, Grade 1: Richard Jones: Books
Trade in Piano Examination Pieces 2013 & 2014, ABRSM, Grade 1 for an gift card of up to £0.25, which you can then spend on millions ……/1848494017